Skratchwon is an aboriginal hiphop artist originally form Edmonton AB. but is now residing in Toronto ON.

Skratch won practices all forms of hiphop but mostly focuses on emceeing, graffiti, and beat boxing. Skratch is all about elevation of mind through hiphop (i.e. Emceeing, Deejaying, Bboying, Graff, and Beatboxing).He focuses Spreading the word and teachings through work shops and his lyrics

About a year and a half ago skratch won and his brethren started a crew called Indagenius. An emcee hiphop crew about social awareness, and touching on subjects about things that are happening in native communities, world problems, poverty, corruption, government, music industry, culture, spirituality, food, and hiphop.

Skratch won uses his graffiti style art for various projects. Which includes …custom skateboards, hats, and canvas. he has also started his own clothing line DOSHA Clothing, as well as indagenius clothing line. Designing all of the shirts himself as well silk screening them as well.

Skratch won also facilitates workshop’s which involve Graffiti, and Beatboxing. He is also for hire for murals, and performance gigs.

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